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The scope of our company services is primarily designing and consulting in the field of urban hydro engineering, river basins hydro engineering and environmental engineering, where we have achieved notable references by using modern methodological approaches and by cooperation with relevant domestic and foreign experts. Our services include preparation of the following documents:

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Obavijest Project "Agglomeration-Korcula drainage system Žrnovo and Račišće" presented

A presentation of the project "Agglomeration-Korcula drainage system Žrnovo and Račišće" was held in the cinema hall of the House of Culture Liburna in Korčula. The presentation was attended by representatives of local committees, deputy mayor, head and director of the utility company of the city of Korcula.

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Following the international activities of our company, in contact with the KWR Institute from the Netherlands in May 2020, we received an invitation to include the city of Zagreb in the project "Feasibility Assessment for an EU-wide wastewater monitoring system for SARS-COV-2 surveillance" launched by the Joint Research Center “JRC” - EU Commission.

One of the most important goals of the first phase of the project is the establishment of a pan-European IT system for early warning of the presence of SARS CoV-2 virus in urban sewage systems, indirectly in the urban population. City of Zagreb will participate in the project through “Teaching Institute for Public Health "Dr. Andrija Štampar" and ZOV d.o.o.

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Info 03/26/2020. PRONING DHI doing business in the COVID-19 Corona environment

As a result of the need to adapt to the business constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to inform you that PRONING DHI d.o.o. Zagreb as from March 12, 2020. based on the decision of the management and the agreement with the employees, is working and acting according to the procedures of work from the employees' own homes. However, our office is still not closed.

We are all mobilized and motivated to overcome this crisis with our work from home, with the least possible consequences for ourselves and our families, our company and all in the Republic of Croatia and the world, following the instructions of the National Civil Protection Headquarters.

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Info On June 28th, 2018. a contract for "Project of Drainage and Wastewater Treatment System of Betina-Murter Agglomeration" was signed in Murter for which complete technical documentation and application for EU funds was drawn up by a company consortium led by our company Proning Dhi.

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May 4th 2020 - Coronavirus Global Response International Pledging Event Countdown

Real time flood forecasting for Sava River Basin in Croatia

Continuation of implementation of the pilot project and capacity building for flood forecasting - Sava from Sisak to the border with Republic of Serbia

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