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PRONING DHI doing business in the COVID-19 Corona environment

As a result of the need to adapt to the business constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to inform you that PRONING DHI d.o.o. Zagreb as from March 12, 2020. based on the decision of the management and the agreement with the employees, is working and acting according to the procedures of work from the employees' own homes. However, our office is still not closed.

We are all mobilized and motivated to overcome this crisis with our work from home, with the least possible consequences for ourselves and our families, our company and all in the Republic of Croatia and the world, following the instructions of the National Civil Protection Headquarters.

We are sure that even in these difficult days, for all of us, for our beautiful country, we will be able to accomplish work tasks and obligations for the benefit of all. We are still available to you via telephone, email, Skype, WhatsApp or Viber, Linkedin or other conference and social networks.

With patience, staying in our homes, our own hygiene, reduced social contacts, responsible relationships with our closest, our pets and our broader natural environment, and dedicated work in new conditions, we will reclaim our life values, smarter for a unique generational experience about the need to truly appreciate nature, its primordial laws and care for every living being on our planet.

We thank all of our company friends from China, Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Oman, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia as well as all other non-listed people, for their words of support at the moment when Zagreb shook a devastating earthquake. This is proof that we have built friendships for life in our open hearted work. The greatness of all our friends manifested in the care and empathy shown to us in the days after the earthquake, although they themselves faced problems in similar and sometimes worse crisis conditions than we do in Croatia. Thank them.

No matter what, the COVID-19 virus pandemic has changed our lives forever. In the coming months, when, hopefully, the pandemic will end, it will take tremendous efforts of all of us, understanding of our investors and clients to preserve human life, and to enable everyone to work on new projects. Projects have to be done even in times of the most severe crises.

We are ready for a digital future, digital work processes, online services, pay per use SW, Cloud databases, remote conferencing, IoT and AI. The name of the game is fellowship. The name of the game is environmental protection and climate change. The name of the game is innovation.

To all our business partners and friends in Croatia and the world, we sincerely wish them to remain healthy, strong and motivated for our joint and continued success.

Let's stay home, work from home and we will win for the benefit of all!

Zagreb 03/26/2020.

Božidar Deduš

We are a proud member of Clean Hydrogen Alliance


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Real time flood forecasting for Sava River Basin in Croatia

Continuation of implementation of the pilot project and capacity building for flood forecasting - Sava from Sisak to the border with Republic of Serbia

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