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Expert team

M.Sc. Božidar Deduš Dip.HE(Delft) Civ.Eng.
B.Sc. Dražen Navratil, Civ.Eng.
B.Sc. Ksenija Ferenc Deduš, Civ.Eng.
B.Sc. Darko Orlandini, Civ.Eng.
B.Sc. Draženka Kvesić, Civ.Eng.
B.Sc. Vesna Rogulja, Civ.Eng.
B.Sc. Tomislav Horvat, Civ.Eng.
B.Sc. Dijana Krstanović, Civ.Eng.
B.Sc. Lucija Mirtl, Civ.Eng.
B.Sc. Nina Golubović, Civ.Eng.
B.Sc. Ratko Ramuščak, Civ.Eng.
B.Sc. Marin Vuko, Civ.Eng.
B.Sc. Petra Ponoš, Civ.Eng.
B.Sc. Vedran Reiter, Geol.
Nikola Mlinarević, Civ.Eng.
Krunoslav Fric, Civ.Tech.
Vedran Deduš, Civ.Tech.

Director's office:

Mirjana Vrbetić - main accountant
Sandra Matej, upr.iur. - management assistant (ISO manager and public procurement)

We are a proud member of Clean Hydrogen Alliance


May 4th 2020 - Coronavirus Global Response International Pledging Event Countdown

Real time flood forecasting for Sava River Basin in Croatia

Continuation of implementation of the pilot project and capacity building for flood forecasting - Sava from Sisak to the border with Republic of Serbia

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