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Development and Application of Models and Guidelines for Decision Making Support to Upgrade and Increase the Existing WWTP Operating Efficiency

Client: Hrvatske vode, Zagreb
Completion year: 12/2011

The Project was initiated as a part of the technical assistance component of the Inland Waters Project - Loan 7453/HR.
The Project duration is fifteen months and consists of four different but interconnected and logical phases.

  • List and categorization of municipal WWTP in the Republic of Croatia belonging to the Black Sea basin, with a capacity greater than 2.000 ES
  • Assessment of municipal WWTP with secondary stage of wastewater treatment capacity of more than 10.000 ES.
  • Development and application of models for 5 selected WWTP and recommendations for improving their performance.
  • Development of analysis according to the model with recommendations for feasible extensions or modifications for 2 WWTP.
  • Preparation of project guidelines and criteria for general and specific applications in rehabilitation / expansion of the existing WWTP.
  • Preparation of preliminary technical solution for the upgrade of the selected WWTP with removal of N and P.

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