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Sewer system of Čakovec agglomeration: a) Feasibility study and Application for EU cohesion funds, b) EIA.

Project consisted of preparing feasibility study with CBA and application for EU fund for sewerage and WWTP for agglomeration size 75.000 PE.

Client: Međimurske vode, Čakovec

Commissioner: Hrvatske vode, Zagreb

Completion year: 2012


Sewer system and wastewater treatment of the City of Samobor, Stage I - Sewer system development project.

Project included set up and analysis of the feasible options, techno-economic analysis for selection of the most suitable option for waste water treatment, master plan of the sewer system Feasibility study, CBA, EIA and Application for EU funds. of Samobor agglomeration 49.750 PE.

Client: Komunalac , Samobor

Completion year: 2010


Additional sewerage network in the area of Trogir city.

Project consisted of conceptual design preliminary design for location permit issuing, detailed design, tender documentation for the sewerage-construction based on FIDIC Red Book condition for separated sewer network of Trogir city (25.000 PE).

Client: Eko Kaštelanski zaljev, Split

Completion year: 2009


Kaštela - Trogir sewerage system, I phase.

The IBRD financed project consisted of preliminary design, detailed design and tender documentation (FIDIC Red Book) for the main parts of sewer networks, pumping stations with pressure pipelines, the main pumping station "Divulje - WWTP"and utility infrastructure within the subsystems Kaštela, Trogir and Čiovo.

Client: DAR Gmbh Split For Investor Eko Kaštelanski zaljev, Split

Completion year: 2006

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May 4th 2020 - Coronavirus Global Response International Pledging Event Countdown

Real time flood forecasting for Sava River Basin in Croatia

Continuation of implementation of the pilot project and capacity building for flood forecasting - Sava from Sisak to the border with Republic of Serbia

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